Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Busy Evening

My friend and me picked up a basket of strawberries on Sunday and I had planned to make jam yesterday. Too bad for me, I had a two day migraine from which I've just somewhat recovered. I needed to get this done before the berries went bad.

I didn't have pectin in the house so I went through some of the many cookbooks I own and found a sweet little recipe that used only sugar.

I also seem to have misplaced my candy thermometer so I had to improvise to find my jell point. I had a plate in the freezer and dribbled some jam on it after 6 minutes. Seemed to work, it jelled just fine. The other issue I always have with strawberry jam is that the berries rise to the top and the jell is at the bottom. This book told me to let the jam cool for 20 minutes before putting it into hot jars which is totally different from what I've always done. It worked, the berries are evenly distributed.

In between all this domestic stuff, I have three bowls ready to felt. I wanted to do at least half a dozen before running the washer but I may just do them tomorrow.

I sure hope they turn out...

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