Wednesday, June 27, 2007

We're Having A Heat Wave

The DSL is back thank goodness which means of course I can post pictures of my recent knitting projects. Unfortunately you'll have to wait another day or so, I'm just plain beat today.

I spent the afternoon going for blood tests, getting the heart monitor attached to me and visiting the doctor. For the first time I had a 45 minute wait to see him, which is very unusual.

It was exhausting because I'm still dragging this foot around and when I want to go anywhere I have to take the cast off to drive and when I get where I'm going I have to put it back on to walk. Together with my quick trip to the grocery store on the way home, it came on and off three times. Very tedious and to top it all off, the temperature this afternoon hit 35 c which is about 95 F. With the humidity it feels a lot hotter but still nothing like some parts of Europe. We are under a severe weather alter though which should cool things off a bit.

Still it was hot enough to make life difficult and I think the air conditioner on the old van is going, it just wouldn't/couldn't cool down...sigh. Now I'm crashed out on the sofa and I don't think I will moved from here any time soon.


Anonymous amanda cathleen said...

Enjoy relaxin on the couch hun! You deserve it.
When its really hot and humid here it feels like the AC in my van can't keep up either.

June 29, 2007 at 12:41 AM  

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