Thursday, July 5, 2007

Look At My Molomakarouna

Bet you don't know what they are? Well they are the most delicious Greek Semolina Honey cakes and since it was a rainy day in T-Dot, I got this urge to be domestic.

I hope it doesn't last...

After much measuring, beating and shaping this is was the result. This was my first attempt at these cookies and I only tried them because Steve loves them. It is difficult to find really fresh ones here.

And after baking, ta they are...

Actually, the truth is, I love baking. I hate cooking with a passion but baking, well I should have opened a bakery in my past life. It would have been a hoot.

The problem now is that with Mom not here only Steve eats my baking. I'm usually good for one piece of whatever and that's it, I don't touch it again. I really don't have a sweet tooth and my figure is thankful for that.

Next week it will be raspberry pies. I think there will be a bumper crop this year the bushes are just hanging full of berries. Should be fun...back to some knitting.

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Blogger Symbiosis said...

They look yummy!!!!

July 9, 2007 at 6:04 PM  

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