Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Seeing Double

It's amazing what you pick up from other bloggers isn't it? I absolutely hated knitting the second sock and it has on occasion happened that a single sock hung around for months before I would get to it's partner. Something about being tired of the color of the yarn I suppose.

Yesterday while I was browsing some of my favourite blogs I came across Dixie Peach who had a cool solution. She got the idea from Ravelry, which is an online knitting community.

I immediately latched onto the idea and these are the new socks. It's a lovely yarn from Garnstudio called Fabel and the only issue I had a fair bit of waste on the new ball to find the correct starting color. I sure hope I can integrate it into the toe later one or one sock will look a little off.

WIP Two of a Kind



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