Thursday, November 22, 2007

Some Finished Objects And More Socks

On this gray, overcast and snowy day finding a spot to take a picture was a challenge. This is the best I could do. I didn't really want to move my poor clown for more light, he gets moved around enough as it is..

So this is the finished hat and the little clutch. I think they are kind of cute and I'm wondering which of my friends would like them as a Christmas present?

Finished Felted hat and clutch

I have wanted a pair of pink socks and I took this yarn with me to Greece and never got around to starting them. Last night I cast them on and they work up pretty quickly. Lovely little cable pattern with eyelets, very cute. The pattern has been kicking around for a while and it comes from September/06 and should be easy to find. It's called Lombard Street Socks.

New Socks

I also have some wrist warmers to make as a Christmas present so I hope to get those started soon. That's it for today, happy knitting...



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