Monday, February 4, 2008

Monkey Socks To Be Frogged

The lovely yarn that I got as a present from my friend is not working for me. The problem is with the spinning I think, although not being a spinner I can't say for sure. I sent an email to the suppliers Fleece Artist and they insist on replacing the yarn.

Now maybe I'm picky but for the price of this yarn I don't want to be constantly cutting out the bad bits and reattaching my yarn. I only took a picture of one piece but in the 6 inches of sock I knit I cut about 5 pieces out. I'm sure these things happen from time to time and it's really cool of the company to offer (unsolicited) to replace it.

So I will wait for the new yarn and start the socks again. I might use this yarn to knit a little cowl that only needs 100 yard. I think even after cutting out the bad bits I'll have enough since this hank was about 115 yards. I'm told that seawool is hard to spin and since I'm not a spinner I can't say. I think there is seaweed in it. Anyhow while I'm waiting I will work on my shawl a little more.

I also ordered a spindle and some roving on line and when that arrives I will try my hand at if I didn't have enough hobbies!



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