Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

I'm hanging out in brrrr cold Calgary for the holidays, I mean really really cold. Something like -21 Celsius (-6F) give or take with narry a Chinook in sight.

For Christmas I was gifted this lovely yarn from my DIL. I have 400 grams (800 yards) of the most lovely Sea Silk colorway Storm Water.

Stormy Lace

This is much to lovely a yarn for socks so off we went to a local yarn shop called Make One Yarn Studio with the intention of finding a nice pattern and winding some yarn on their ball winder.

Stormy Lace

Life's never that simple for a knitter is it. As I walked out the door I said to my sweetie, "not buying any yarn today, really" and I heard him chuckle in the back ground, "sure"...

I got a little carried away and not only bought the lace pattern called Nefertiti Wrap, which has 14 separate charts, I also bought a lovely shawl pin, some Addi Turbo lace needles and at the same time also bought an inexpensive generic sock pattern for my DIL. I know, I know, they are all over the Internet for free but we don't have a working printer here so I said, what the heck. It was just seven bucks or so. The owner made an error on the bill in my favour of about 28 bucks and I pointed it out to her. She seemed grateful.

I also looked at a lovely knitting bag by Namaste that I had every intention of buying, just not that day.

So here's what spoiled it for me. We found a pretty easy, descriptive generic sock pattern and didn't need the one I purchased. The next day I went back to the shop and asked if she'd take the pattern back as a credit towards yarn or the bag. Can we all guess what happened? Nope, not taking it back, so sorry... even though I assured her I hadn't copied it.

Funny how something so trivial can ruin it for me. I came awfully close to packing up the yarn, yarn pin and Addi Turbo lace needles that I purchased there and returning them for a full credit. I realized that this is a pretty childish reaction and I'm letting it go, but I will say that this shop will not get any custom from me in future, sadly...


Blogger ..... Carmen said...

You know what, I have to say I'm not surprised - but the reason is is I bet I can guess who you spoke to. Since she became the owner, I have found that EVERY single time I go there (very infrequently now) she tries to sell me the most expensive yarn. Not necessarily what I want, or am looking for, but what will give her the most profit. For Christmas, I sent Nate list of yarn I wanted over the internet. I was too wary of sending him there and having him fooled into something I wouldn't like, or use. I'm sorry you had that experience :(

January 1, 2010 at 9:45 PM  
Blogger Rudee said...

The Hand Maiden yarn is gorgeous and the lace looks intriguing.

Too bad about the pattern. Next time she makes a mistake, don't say a word. That is if there is a next time, which sounds unlikely. I have two local yarn stores that I adore. One's a tiny hole in the wall and the other is a spacious, beautiful haven. That's the one I go to for spinning. I hope she has my loom when I go tomorrow, but I don't think so, yet.

Good thing you have some wool to keep you warm in the cold.

Have fun knitting!

January 1, 2010 at 10:51 PM  

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