Thursday, January 25, 2007

Baby It's Cold Outside

It's a cold day here in T-Dot, -13 C (4F) but with "windchill" it actually feels like -22C (-2F) and it's not fair. My rose was so close to blooming again and the daffodils were poking out a couple of weeks ago and then bam, they get nailed by the cold.

It's actually meant to get colder as the weekend approaches and we may see a blizzard any time soon.

I don't feel much like writing about Pottery today so I'm just going to curl up with my knitting tonight. I have a pair of socks almost finished. I also received notice today that the "green yarn" for the green sock KAL from Knit Pixie is finally in stock and on it's way to me. By the time it gets here I will have the red socks finished.

My sweetie has also requested a new pair of socks, he even said please....Wow!


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