Monday, August 25, 2008

The Central Park Hoodie

Finally I have a picture of "the girl" wearing the hoodie sans hood mind you but doesn't matter. I knit this for her birthday in July and I'm sure she will get lots of wear out of it and she looks great in it. Ti has just recently learned to knit and it won't be long before she starts making her own sweaters, wanna bet?

Today a dishcloth tomorrow a sweater...

I'm putting this blog on hiatus until the end of October. We are leaving Tuesday for 7 weeks in Greece and Germany. I am taking some yarn with me so I suspect I'll get some knitting done. Updates on where I am and what I'm doing will be found on my other blog.

I'll try to update that one a couple of times a week depending on the Internet access and will definitely read all my favourite blogs. I'll see you all in the fall, happy knitting...


Friday, August 15, 2008

For iPhone Users - Check This Out

Since I don't have any knitting to share right now I thought I'd share this with you compliments of my offspring. It looks like a neat little stitch minder but since I don't have an iPhone and am not getting one anytime soon I'll just stick to my old method, ticking them off on a sticky note.

But hey, if I had one for sure I'd try this freebie out.

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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I Hate Felting! Part II

So did I already say I hate felting? Yup, I hate felting and will never do it again. Well maybe under duress or something, it just doesn't work for me.

So before I left for the cottage last week I felted this bag and let it dry over the weekend. The only knitting I did over the weekend was the drive up and the drive home. At the cottage I did this.

Today I found some appropriate fabric in my fabric stash, yes, I have one of those too, and lined the sucker. I even found some nice red with little polka dots that might be hard to see in the photo. Because it decided not to stand up on it's own I added an iron on backing to the fabric before inserting it in the bag. Now it kind of stands up, certainly better than before. I might even use this bag.

August 4 2008 018

Can you see why I hate felting? It didn't felt straight and I hate that. It seemed to deform and no matter what I did I couldn't get it back into a nice rectangular shape. I suspect but am not sure that it probably spent a few minutes too long in the washer.

New socks on needles but I may have to frog, so no picture at this time...


Friday, August 1, 2008

I Hate Felting!

I don't know why I get into this, I really don't like felting. So far my success is limited with a couple of hats that turned out quite nice but larger objects always come out too big, too wide or not straight. Beats me what I do wrong, but here is my market bag.

Before felting...
August 1 2008 001

After Felting...
August 1 2008 004

Now maybe once it dries and I find some nice solid fabric for the lining it will be fine, I guess we'll have to see. Next week, we are heading to the cottage for the last long weekend of our summer here. September 2 we leave for 7 weeks in Greece.