Monday, May 18, 2009

Time To Block

Finally,'s been a while with this little cardigan. You wouldn't think something this small would give me so much trouble but it did. It got frogged three times and because I really didn't have gauge I had to adjust the sleeve cap to fit. Even though I blocked the pieces before sewing it together I decided to give it a little wash and see if would shape up better. Now I need to track down three really special buttons.

Cropped Cardigan

Meanwhile I cast on for this little lacy top which I would love to have finished by the time we head to Greece. This is a cotton/linen blend yarn which is not my favourite to work with. I'm a wool kind of gal and anything cottony bugs my fingers. I have had this stuff around for a couple of years now, in fact it was an almost finished lacy cardi when in a fit of pique I frogged the sucker and tossed this in the frog pond. Now though guilt has taken hold and budgetary reasons force me to have a look in that pond for something to knit, sigh...

Spidery Tank

Now because my friend Rudee thinks I can knit lace I've cast on a little triangle lacy shawl. I had to stop after 12 rows though, the needles I have are not for lace. Note to self, find a pair of Addi Turbo's tomorrow, can't knit lace with bamboo. No photo's yet, I'm going to wait for a while and see how it goes. I'd hate to post it and then have it end up in the froggy pond...


Friday, May 1, 2009

There Has Been Knitting - Spinning - Frogging Too..

I know I've been gone a while but there has been knitting going on. I did this half leg waiting for x-rays a couple of days ago. Pretty long wait, two hours actually. The picture really doesn't do the yarn justice and I might try again when it's a sunny day outside. The yarn was part of my birthday present and it's Sirdar Crofter Dk, Fair Isle. It's a little heavier yarn than I normally work with but luckily vanilla sock patterns are easy to adjust. These socks are for the Christmas present box so I don't know yet who will get them.

So then there is the little cardigan I started for myself. I had to frog this twice. The first time I was up to the armhole decreases of the back when I realized I didn't have gauge and it was going to be too small. See me bad... didn't do a swatch.

The second time I changed needles size and had knit about either inches when I realized, nope not going to work, too big.

Third time lucky, maybe... I now have the back finished and the two fronts done. No photos, I don't want to jinx it. I'm going to start the sleeves tomorrow. I'm not sure it will actually fit me for sure, but my cleaning lady saw it yesterday and put dibs on it just in case. She is smaller than I am so I'm sure it will fit her but darn it, I wanted it for myself.

And because all this stuff really really upset me I sat down and did a little spinning. It really calms me down and lowers the blood pressure. I'm not terribly good at this yet and my yarn is a bit on the thick side, but I think this will lovely warm mittens for someone.

I've ordered a whole wack of yarn for summer knitting since I'm going to be sitting around in a cast half of June and all of July. I'm finally getting my foot operated. I have a lovely covered padded swing out in the yard that I can even snooze in if I want. I suppose that's where I'll spend a lot of time knitting.