Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Popsickle - Done

It is so hard to find cute buttons these days but I think it works with white ones. Instead of button holes I did an I-cord and sewed it on as a loop. I think it's a little more substantial. I also did a little beret to go with it.

March 17 2009 017

Still working on these socks. I'm liking this yarn it's a silk/merino blend and super soft. Nice for winter.

March 17 2009 001

And look what I got for my birthday... more sock yarn from my good friend Liz along with a pattern and some needles.

March 17 2009 019


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Progress On Popsickle

I've had a few issues with the Popsicle cardigan related to the pattern. It's knit in the round to the underarm. The sleeves which I knit at the same time on one needle are then supposed to be sewn up before attaching to the body. There are also 8 stitches under the arm to be left on stitch holders for later grafting. That together with 8 free stitches from the body are meant to be grafted with the Kitchener method. I suspect that will allow for more freedom of underarm movement. It's actually pretty clever. What doesn't work is sewing up the sleeves before attaching to the body. It becomes too cumbersome and I had to undo the sleeves and leave them free.

The instructions for the right and left front stitch counts didn't line and I didn't notice it until I had the sleeves knitted in, grrr. Lots of tinking to remove the whole mess, go back to the body and recalculate both fronts. The pattern was badly written and I probably didn't read it correctly but now it's fixed.

I'm now at the last stage where I'm knitting three more inches before the cast off. Other than that I'm liking this cardigan and may make a hat to match.


I've had a request from my offspring for this...

A New Project

I bought the Mason-Dixon Knitting, Outside The Lines for this pattern and was shocked to see that it uses sock yarn, grrr. That will make this a long project.

Yes, there are socks, are there ever not socks on needles?

Merino & Silk

And just because I spend so much time sitting on my bum knitting I'm using this fairly frequently now. Gotta get that heart working.

Heart Love


Friday, March 6, 2009

It's Bright

Definitely colorful dontcha think? But I think this colorway that I've named popsickle will make a pretty cardigan for a pretty little girl.

It's worked in one piece to the armpits and that's finished. Now I will do the sleeves (both on one needle) and attach the whole mess together. We will see how it turns out.



There is a couple of rows of eyelet at the bottom but I didn't do as much as the pattern called for. I just didn't want it to be so holey. The pattern came from the April issue of Knit 'N Style called Rose Lace Jacket. Obviously it's not rose and not too lacey.

The Jaywalker socks are finished. They feel nice and I hope they wear well. They are going in my gift box. I'm starting early this year with the gift knitting.

Jaywalker Socks

Apologies for the bad photos but we've had a lack of sunlight recently. Although the temps went to 15C (59F) the sun didn't want to come out. It sure was nice to have the warm spell though.

Monday, March 2, 2009

I Think I'm Blind

Really, I must be in order to do this to some poor unsuspecting yarn. I used food coloring instead of Kool Aid for this batch.

hand dyed

Ready for the microwave.

hand dyed

Looks a little weird hanging like this.

Hand dyed

All done...I'm naming this Popsicle. I think the name fits. Now I just need to find a project for it, I have about 300 grams and 660 yards. I'm sure something will turn up.


There will be socks...yes there are new socks there on needles. I cast these on before finishing the pair from my last post (although they are now finished). I just can't help myself. In fact I'm in the process of casting on new ones already and these aren't finished yet. This pattern is called Jaywalker and can be gotten over here. for some weird reason I always have to have two pairs of socks on the go, always.

I used Tofutsies yarn from SWTC and it's interesting yarn that has some crab and shrimp shell in it and when my palms became itchy after using it the first time I thought maybe I had an allergy. Must have been something else though because I didn't have a repeat of that first episode. The yarn does split though and I had to switch to metal needles instead of my favourite wooden ones. I probably won't buy it again, I think for $20 for a pair of socks it's not worth it. There are better yarns at that price around.

Jaywalker Socks

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