Thursday, December 18, 2008

Last Minute Gifts

I've been knitting up a storm trying to get some last minute gifts finished. That together with the baking has been a bit stressful. Next Tuesday weather permitting we get on a plane for Calgary to spend Christmas with the offspring and family. There are two snowstorms predicted, one tomorrow and another for Monday. Keep your fingers crossed.

Meanwhile a couple of neck warmers of nice undyed merino. A really quick knit where you can pretty much use any stitch pattern you like as long as you have around 90 or so stitches. Knit in the round one has decorative buttons just for a change of pace.

This hat and neck warmer is from the yarn I dyed and I have fingerless gloves to go with them. I'm not sure who is getting these yet but I'll figure it out.

I want to wish all my knitter friends and families a very Merry Christmas or happy whichever holiday you celebrate. Be with family and friends and hold each other tight. It is the most important thing in this volatile world we live in.

As always when we travel I wont be blogging here but you can always keep up with what were doing on my other blog...


Friday, December 5, 2008

Second Sock Syndrome

Second sock syndrome has hit before I even finished the first sock. This sock followed me from Toronto, to Athens, to Germany and the Peloponnese this past fall always in my backpack waiting to be knit. I did give it a few rows from time to time but my heart just wasn't in it.

Now I don't know if it's the pattern which is called Dolomite or if it's the yarn which is Patons Stretch Socks and is a really nice light summer yarn. But the bottom line is I'm either going to frog this sock or hide it away somewhere to maybe be resurrected someday.

I used my hand dyed yarn to make a pair of fingerless gloves and a hat. I just can't find the darn hat right now so no picture. I don't know where it's hiding but it probably saw me coming with the camera and got shy, sigh...

Les you think I cant finish things, yes I can... Nice plain vanilla socks.

I'm also working furiously on a striped cardigan for my sweetie which I'd like to get finished before Christmas. It's a toss up right now if I'll make it.