Monday, November 26, 2007

Work In Progress - One Finished Item

I finished one sock and cast on for the second, when I got a little sidetracked.

I spent the afternoon watching the rain come down and knit this itty bitty hat. I wonder who would like to have it for Christmas...

Now I can get back to the socks, I am really enjoying knitting this pattern. I particularly like the fact that I don't have to work it from a chart. I prefer when patterns are written out for me, I somehow find them a lot easier to follow. Am I the only one who hates charts? Why are all the nice sock patterns written in chart? Most annoying...

Tomorrow I am going to visit a woman in the neighbourhood who gives spinning lessons. It is something that has fascinated me for some time and I'm going to give it a try. Mostly I want to see if I can physically do it before I commit myself to lessons having been told it might be a little difficult for my knees and hip to handle. I guess I'll find out.


Thursday, November 22, 2007

Some Finished Objects And More Socks

On this gray, overcast and snowy day finding a spot to take a picture was a challenge. This is the best I could do. I didn't really want to move my poor clown for more light, he gets moved around enough as it is..

So this is the finished hat and the little clutch. I think they are kind of cute and I'm wondering which of my friends would like them as a Christmas present?

Finished Felted hat and clutch

I have wanted a pair of pink socks and I took this yarn with me to Greece and never got around to starting them. Last night I cast them on and they work up pretty quickly. Lovely little cable pattern with eyelets, very cute. The pattern has been kicking around for a while and it comes from September/06 and should be easy to find. It's called Lombard Street Socks.

New Socks

I also have some wrist warmers to make as a Christmas present so I hope to get those started soon. That's it for today, happy knitting...


Saturday, November 17, 2007

Almost Finished And Finished

I'll start with the almost finished, does anybody know what the heck I'm doing here? This is a little clutch bag that I whipped up to go with the hat that is waiting to be felted. No wait, I did that last night but hasn't dried enough to photograph on my head yet.

This is a four, yup, I said four needle cast off. Two layers of knitting with an I-cord in between. I picked up the stitches on the I-cord and cast everything off together. A bit of a challenge for arthritic fingers though...

Almost Done

This is what it looks like before felting. See how pretty the I-cord looks now.

Almost Done

And these socks go back to August before I left for Greece. I finally finished them last night and I sure am glad. The weather has turned really cold and I need all the woolies I can get on my feet.



Sunday, November 11, 2007

Heeeere's Ellie In Her Hoodie

Almost 7 months old now, isn't she a sweetie. And that Hoodie, sheer genius on Omas part, right? I may have to make another one for spring in a larger size. She sure is growing. The offspring says it's her nicest piece of clothing, he wouldn't say anything else, right. Any negative comments wouldn't bring any more knitted stuff.

Now if she'd only grow some hair.


Finished And Ready For Felting

I have this cute hat all done and ready to felt. But being the cheapie that I am I would really like to make something else to throw in the washing machine with it so. It's such a shame to waste hot water so I'm looking through all my patterns to see if I can find a little bag or something that knits up really quickly. I think I'll head over to Ravelry and see if there is anything suitable. Just a little clutch type bag will do. Any ideas anyone?


Hat to Felt

I also have a pair of socks that are almost finished, just the toe left and hope to have pictures later in the week. Now that I'm back from my amazing trip and have some of my health problems under control I can knit again. Although soon it will be time to start the Christmas shopping, which I hate but has to be done. Most of my friends don't like home made gifts (silly aren't they) so I have to shop.

I'm told by the offspring that the little Debbie Bliss hoodie I made for baby Ellie back in the summer now fits her. This was the hoodie without Ellie in it and I'm hoping to see a photo soon with her wearing it. (Hint to the offspring)

I have just received the new Knit Picks catalogue and my head is spinning. There are so many yummy yarns and books and with the Canadian Dollar now worth more than the US buck, it's going to be a great time for me to shop.

Hope some of my old readers are still around, I know two months is a long time to disappear but it sure was a great trip...