Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Seeing Double - Finished

These are the fastest socks I ever knit and they would have been finished on Monday if I hadn't taken the weekend off to galivant a little, you know socialize and have fun.

So being a little behind I didn't finish them until this morning. The nice part of the entire operation was that both socks were finished at roughly the same time. I think I will do this again. My only problem was the yarn, Fabel from Garnstudio, which simply wouldn't match up. Both balls were somewhat different and I ended up having to cut the yarn and search for a match, grrr. And of course the miserable Kitchener stitch to graft the toe. That one always gives me a little grief.

Almost Done

So here are the finished socks all ready for my hubby. He really needed a new pair.


I have a lot of little bits and pieces of wool left over from various projects that is starting to clutter up my life. I have decided to turn those bits into squares.

Knitting 030
Guess What

There is a rehab hospital here in Toronto where I was lucky enough to go after my hip replacement. There are now a lot of Canadian soldiers recovering from serious injuries incurred in Afghanistan. Most have family and friends nearby but some do not. My plan is to make a blanket for as many as I can, to give a little comfort. Just a small one to fit on a lap while sitting in a wheel chair, I'm thinking.

So this is my new project...

Friday, January 25, 2008

Seeing Double - Take Two

This is probably the easiest pair of socks I've ever knit and they will be finished at roughly the same time. I've turned the heel, which is probably my favourite part of knitting socks. I know, I know, other knitters hate that part but for me personally I hate the mindless knitting of just going round and round.

My only problem with this yarn is it doesn't line up color wise. The turned heels are different and I had a huge issue finding a starting spot on the second ball. I might frog it back just to get a good match, haven't decided yet.

Take Two

They won't get finished this weekend though it's a heavy social one for us. Saturday night we're out for dinner with our regular Bridge group and then and evening of playing and Sunday it's off to dinner with some other friends. That's fine though, we need to get out once in a while. Have a lovely weekend all...


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Seeing Double

It's amazing what you pick up from other bloggers isn't it? I absolutely hated knitting the second sock and it has on occasion happened that a single sock hung around for months before I would get to it's partner. Something about being tired of the color of the yarn I suppose.

Yesterday while I was browsing some of my favourite blogs I came across Dixie Peach who had a cool solution. She got the idea from Ravelry, which is an online knitting community.

I immediately latched onto the idea and these are the new socks. It's a lovely yarn from Garnstudio called Fabel and the only issue I had a fair bit of waste on the new ball to find the correct starting color. I sure hope I can integrate it into the toe later one or one sock will look a little off.

WIP Two of a Kind


Sunday, January 20, 2008

I'm Knitting - Really I Am!

I had big plans this weekend but unfortunately a 24 hour migraine got in the way. So here I sit with a drug induced hangover putting this together. I also wanted to switch to the new Blogger this weekend but I really am a big chicken when it comes to doing it. I am afraid that I will loose stuff, sigh...

On Friday after my appointment with the Heart Clinic I went for lunch with a friend and then on to our favourite yarn shop in Unionville. This little town is now surrounded by new sub divisions but the actual town has been preserved and was actually used to film one of the last episodes of the West Wing.

This is Mary's Yarns where my friend treated me to a gift.

Mary's Yarns Unionville

At 28 bucks for 115 grams of yarn this is the most expensive socks I will own.

New Sock Yarn

I am still working on this shawl which is taking longer than I anticipated. I guess getting sidetracked with other project might have something to do with it.

Lace Scarf

I am trying to knit at least two full patterns a day now so it is growing a little. That blue thread you see is my "lifeline". This pattern is so complex that if I had to rip it back I'd never be able to pick up the stitches. Of course with the lifeline in place I haven't made a single mistake. The pattern if anyone is interested is called Dimple Shale Lace Scarf and comes free from Knit Picks. It is a scarf pattern but I tripled the stitches to make a shawl.

Just in case anyone out there thinks I'm perfect, here is my goof...

Cardigan to Fog

This was more than half finished. Just the right front and two short sleeves when I realized it wasn't going to fit and there was no way I could block it to fit. This is an absolutely gorgeous Rowan Cotton Wool blend and it stretches but springs right back. So today with heavy heart, I will frog it, later gater...

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Hapy New Year - Let The Knitting Begin

Yes, it's time to knit some more although I never really stopped. These are some of the little things I worked on over the holidays although I don't know who the recipients will be just yet.

Both of these hats are really warm for our freezing weather and I haven't decided weather the blue one should have ear flaps or not.

These socks are for me, a girl can never have enough of them me thinks...the pattern is called Lombard Street Socks and can be found here and I found them through another blogger, sorry I don't remember who anymore. I particularly like this pattern because it's not done from a chart. I am still a real dodo when it comes to charts, I just can't figure them out and prefer reading the pattern. Nowadays though it reduces immensely what is available to me.

All ready to go walking...

This bit of yarn was left over from some ankle socks I made in the summer and make great little wrist warmers. They are nice for me and reduce the pain of arthritis somewhat...maybe it's all in my mind.

These little socks are for baby Ellie and I did post them on my "spouting off" blog, but what the heck, here they are again.

I am still working on my pink shawl in Alpaca Wool blend that I started last year and am trying to do at least two full pattern rounds a day, that's eight rows. I have also started a little lacy cardigan in royal blue using Rowan Cotton Wool and I'm almost done with the back. Maybe I'll have some photos soon.